Monday, June 23, 2008

The Plant Money Fund

Yesterday was cleaning day, but after a few hours of that I was struck by a streak of rebellion. Nothing like a little dancing with danger to brighten a Sunday afternoon. So I took myself off to the garden center to investigate the scenery. I vowed not to return there again this season unless I required some more potting soil as dwellers of the porch jungle got too big for their britches.

Lord have mercy! There was a boatload of fresh off the truck fantasies to behold. I drifted about considering this and that. Checked for bigger containers that might be on sale. Then made a beeline back to the six heavily preening little vixens that summoned me from afar. I considered which of them I might not be able to leave unadopted. Tallied the register total mentally and looked in my wallet to find that I had less cash left than originally assumed.

"Smooth move, sister," I scolded my rebellious side. I needed all of that $20 to put gas in my tank. Why the heck didn't I just stay home where no true source of disgust could rear it's ugly head? So much for the pleasure of diversion on a weekend afternoon. Instead I inwardly am cursing the oil companies as I walk quickly to the parking lot ... EMPTY HANDED!

After fuming all the way home, I reverted to surfing the web to take my mind off my mood. With the increasing prices on everything today, it is hard to come up with enough spare cash to buy all the beautiful plants you really want. Cruising along reading this and that I found the perfect way to create more plant money without finding an additional job. If I could cut down on the amount of money I had to pour into my gas tank, I would have more weekend cash.

How would I accomplish this at over $4 a gallon for gas? I found the coolest way to actually save money. Its called HHO and any vehicle can be converted to save money on gas. The equipment only costs about $50 and after you get it all hooked up your engine can actually run better and used far less gas. Imagine being able to convert your gas hog to run on hydrogen power, a renewable fuel. Go green! Save some cash to support you plant habit. Click Here!

To make having more cash at the end of the week sweeter, you also are owed an IRS refund for using green technology in your vehicle. This refund is not available to people with factory assembled hybrid cars. You can't buy a hybrid car for $100 more than a gasoline powered one either. Before you start muttering about it being a scam...

I have done a lot of research on this since finding that first little blip. It kept me up half the night! This is the way to fight back and save money to buy what you want to. For the best hydrogen engine system available read the consumer report. To see the views of the experts watch the videos below.

Isn't it time you regain some of the control of your own money? Saving 15% to 70% on gasoline is something we all need to do immediately. The price is going up and it will never go back down. Why would it? We can't live without it no matter how much they charge per gallon. (Like they don't KNOW this already?) Plus, the IRS has to refund you the full cost of the conversion with a maximum deduction of $2000 for a private car or small truck. (You will need to save all your receipts to take the deduction.)

Aren't you ready to fight back too? Cut down on environment pollution and save cash to buy more plants!......... Click Here!


Leslie said...

Hey, GG.
I have a friend out in Texas who is assembling me one of these converters for me. He uses one on his cars/trucks and so I know it is not a scam. A friend of his turn him on to this very site after the friend put one on his tractor.

My friend says he averages around 45 miles to the gallon on a full size pickup!!!

I hope you take the chance, I know I am. I really don't think we'll be disappointed in the results. It'll be a couple of weeks before I can pay him and get mine, but I'll let you know how it goes.

Take care,
Leslie (GA)

G.G. said...

Hey hey Leslie,
The only people who would think this was a scam after reading everything and watching the videos have to be rather dense. One of the videos I watched was by a mechanic whose review I caught and lost.

Yes, I'll be putting this on my own Blazer hopefully in a couple of weeks . I can't wait til the funding comes in! It makes me sick to pay $15 and get less than 5 gallons. I am tired of creating excess millions of profit for the oil stocks and producers.

Did you know that if you fuel up early in the morning you get more actual fuel for every gallon you pump? Seems the ground heats up and causes the fuel to expand in storage tanks so the volume is measured accurately, but you aren't getting all the gas you paid for. And here I was suspecting they were watering down the gas or something was drastically wrong with my truck!

Definitely, report back and let me know how much you are saving in MPG consumption. I think it long past time we fight against some of the controls placed upon our livelihoods and the pursuit of a little pleasure.