Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jaunty Ditch Garden

Look what I found along side the road not long ago. I just could not help myself! I had to pull into the top of their driveway and get out with my camera. It was a bit breezy the day I caught these shots. It is a gorgeous garden and very large too, so you are only seeing one section in this lovely vignette.

I will be back by this street tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what other perennials she has in this street side garden. I am sure a selection of beautiful blooms will be wantonly showing off their petals somewhere along the span. On this visit I will make sure to attempt identifying the prominent player plants so I can tell you what you are looking at. One can only really enjoy the flowers if one slows down long enough to learn their names. Look for more photos of one woman's handiwork at her garden home.

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