Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Caladium Coolers

The calming green foliage textures and tones found in a shady garden is refreshing and emits a cooler feeling on a hot summer day. Putting vivid color in a shaded planting is made more outstanding when you add some clumps Fancy Leaf Caladium.

You can choose from huge leaves available in a rainbow of reds, pinks and white patterns with a little green thrown in to set off their tantalizing tropical personalities. They work great in a container too for some impressive mood setting on cool, breezy covered porch. Do make sure to give them a big enough pot to keep their roots cool as late summer temperatures climb. They also will need adequate moisture to stave afternoon wilt. It would be best to try at least an 18" pot with good moisture holding media such as MiracleGro Moisture Control potting mix.

For shorter clumps of sizzling color amidst the hostas and ferns, check out the Dwarf Caladium varieties. These would make better small container and mixed container garden dwellers. The full impact of gorgeous Caladium is best enjoyed when it has room to grow full and lush. They do bloom in white, the shape of which always reminds me of a snake charmer's cobra. The flowers are interesting but the leaves steal the stage.

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