Sunday, June 15, 2008

Salmonella Tomatoes - The Saga Continues


Originally, my opinions on this news item all began as a theory with a factual basis in past occurrences of similar classification and knowledge I have gleaned throughout my soil-connected life. I was not just guessing at where exactly any city's water and sewer department actually disposes of everyone's morning constitutional. No, I knew this to be a fact. I was raised by a farmer and have spent many years of my career employed in specialty agriculture. Also, I have lived in rural farming communities for the majority of my not so short life. Not as a commuter enjoying a serene space apart from the masses faced five days a week in the snarled traffic on the freeway. No I was actually a piece of the fabric that formed the farming population. I assure you none of the previous Salmonella Tomato post was simply pulled from thin air.

Consider the events that led to the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. This entire mess was created by feeding contaminate animal meat industry byproducts to cows. I mean, can you actually state without a doubt that you could knowingly consume human body parts or pieces and remain sane? Don't you think that animals who have scent faculties beyond any level we humans can imagine didn't at some spot in their mammal brain have an inkling of what quality of human-concocted food was being force fed to them? This is just another scenario of where trash was fed back to the source of it's origin as a means of making something unwanted not only disappear but bring in revenues instead of biting into the profit margin. Any industry that can contrive a way to actually sell their production waste is considered highly resourceful, savvy even and profits from their ability to think beyond the box.

And now we return to the tomato issue at large today in our news and perhaps you own home town. Consider this quote from the Thursday, June 12th edition of The Washington Post...
"... Salmonella is a bacterial infection that lives in the intestinal tracts of humans and other animals. The bacteria are usually spread by eating food contaminated with animal feces."
David Acheson
Food & Drug Administration
Associate Commissioner of Foods

Thank you David, I rest my case. Read the rest of the news story off the Associated Press to get the rest of the information supplied and the highly "accredited" whose statements appear within the article.
"Salmonella-Tainted Tomatoes Linked To Markets, Restaurants"

What I am curious about and watching for is exactly when the FDA is going to report or admit to the public that human feces solids are actually be sold and applied as organic fertilizer on the produce crops sold at all grocery stores and restaurants from sea to shining sea. This news item will send everyone in such a panic and rage, it might just register on the Richter scale from the vibrations linked to such mass hysteria.

I suppose the silver lining to this particular black cloud would be that they crack down harder and place twice as much control on the containment and composting of the billions of morning constitutional remains than those now costing the cattle growers so much of the hard earned pittance labeled "profit" to meet regulations for cow manure containment. Indeed, it makes wise and common sense that the substance in question being such a rapidly regenerating mass at all DPW locations certainly must go somewhere before the canyon sized tanks and vats overflow. Anyone with a great plan on what else to do with all the pooh is more than welcome to share their brainstorm with me here. You never know, we just might be able to cash in on the lucrative disposal of doo-doo too. Unfortunately, we must all bear in mind that this increase to the cost of operations to the DPW by government enforcement will probably double the amount you have to pay for your personal deposits to the sewer system in your city.

I wonder just how soon the symptoms of Mad People Disease will begin to be heard off in the distance. Something the Center for Disease Control just might not have a cure for, let alone a method for isolation. That is unless these brilliant minds can figure out what else to do with everything so cleanly flushed away in every bathroom in our great and teeming nation.

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