Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mickey's Garden

I babysat my grand daughter over the weekend. On Saturday morning, I let her watch old Disney cartoons on YouTube. Mickey and the gang, she didn't like Bugs Bunny at all. Look at this little gem of pre-tree-hugger mind sets. The worst thing about this whole cartoon is the message it portrayed to the entire world about toxic chemicals in 1935. If this were a movie, the chemical you see being used here would be DDT. Stay tuned for subliminal industry messages from the paintbrush of good ole' Walt himself....

Now do you really wonder why it is so hard to stop those at the helm of the chemical industry today? They grew up with this kind of information offered as entertainment. Funny, I don't recall watching this one as a kid. If I did, their subliminal messaging system did not work on me. The dream is good, but the bugs only getting smashed on some stuff that is shown to not hurt a fly but can kill a dog or a human if ingested. This is terrifying!

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