Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cooling Water

There is nothing like water mists to cool an area off on a hot summer day. This waterfall is man made yet one would think this was just stumbled upon in a natural area somewhere. Yet it is found in a small backyard outdoor living room. This backyard makeover has changed the entire center of their home. The couple have moved their life to the patio, they even watch television out there.

Constructed of the two most beautiful landscape stones available in the eastern United States. Tumbled Bluestone and Pennsylvania Lilac (sometimes labeled Lilac Bluestone). The color combination of these two stones used as a mixed lot is absolutely wonderful. While not large as their yard is very small, there is a fall of 3feet from the top of the waterway to the pool below.

When planning your landscape's new water feature remember to include on fashioned to mimic something that could have actually occurred on your terrain's contouring. If your yard is very flat, nature would never have built a steep falls. Designers who install a heap of rocks to create this look on a flat as paper lay of land have missed the point entirely!

Beautiful landscape design mimics nature when adding supposedly natural features. Forget that and it will look rather tacky. No one wants a boulder pile that looks like a volcano eruption. Go with the grain, not against it.

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