Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeing Red

The perfect flower color would be true blue, if in fact such a thing existed beyond a handful of choices. My one way preference for blue needed an accessory color and red looked best. Not some wimpy almost shade of pink or orange undertones. No it has to be the rich, brilliant and drop-dead gorgeous tone of Fire Engine Red.

If you think it is hard to find flowers that are actually blue beyond the name they were blessed with, finding red can become a labyrinth of cast outs too. I do not understand why yellow is yellow and white is white but red and blue are just not right. What is it with these flower people anyway? Pink and magenta are not red!

Like I can actually control being a sucker for red. No matter what piece of junk someone thought to paint red, I want to buy it and add it to the collection. Thankfully, the house is full of antique and junk store finds already, but I can still look and desire new finds. Maybe I should sell my old red shabby chic possessions and trade up to a new hoard of eye candy?

Many flowers marketed as red are definitely NOT red. Isn't there some sort of Fair Trade Law about truth in advertising? Phlox paniculata does not bloom true red - no matter what that photo tells you, it isn't possible. True red daylilies? Sorry, it just isn't so. No Coneflower is really red, and very rare is the true red Peony.

The quest for true color continues.

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Daphne said...

It always amazes me the different color we love. I love pinks and blues in the garden. Though I've got yellow-orange creeping in. I think I have no flowers even close to red. My cloths are the other way around. I love red, but don't wear pink as often.