Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pandora ... Global Giving

Do you know about Pandora? Its a wonderful place for your personal music radio station. You pick a style of music and select what songs they play you like and which ones you don't and the programming customizes your station to your personal taste.

It's FREE! It is the Music Genome Project so anyone can use it free of charge. I love this site, its what I clean my house by. Pandora is all about global giving. Free music without commercial interruption. No dreaded newscasts to spoil your mood. Just the best music anytime you turn it on 24/7 - 365 days a year.

You can setup a station totally dedicated to one artist too. Pandora has thought of everything one would want to do to create your own favorite music station. Imagine never a discordant note, no matter how long you have it turned on.

Join Pandora and voted on the best of some fabulous artists work to help choose the 2nd annual Pandora Poster. I thought you would enjoy these beautiful garden related designs. One of these talented people or another who has submitted an entry for the $500 cash prize if their piece is voted best by the majority.

You can even get your stations on select cell phones with service from Sprint or AT&T.

1 comment:

Nancy J. Bond said...

Good luck! I can't vote for you as Pandora is available only to US listeners, but hopefully that will include Canada at some point in the future.