Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eggstra Green Living

Who needs to use natural gas or electricity to make an egg in August?

To add toast to your snack ...

1) Pre-toast 2 pieces of bread, wrap them dry in tinfoil and pack away in your car with the rest of your supplies.
** For my readers who do not motor so freely about, stow your knapsack or picnic basket on your bicycle to have a protein rich snack handy when you need it. Commuting by train, bus or subway? Such a light weight, no fuss set of equipment could even be stored in your briefcase or tote. Just remember to adequately pad those eggs to reduce fracturing and messy cleanup. Thank you Loose & Leafy for pointing out my error.

2) While your egg is cooking, you can unwrap your toast and add it to your improvised stove surface.

3) Butter your toast when you eggs are almost done.

Cooking Tip: Blacktop or asphalt surfaces are twice as hot as concrete allowing you to save expensive energy on a much cooler summer day.

Better yet -
Grilling Outdoors Without Charcoal or Gas!

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Lucy Corrander said...

Of course, this does rather presuppose you have a car!