Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Information ... What A Concept!

Hey! USA and Canada readers...

You now have a reasonable fee way of accessing directory assistance on your phone. I know it has not a smidge to do with plants, but that is really good because I am telling you how you can cut down your monthly costs in a way that will actually help you earmark more of your income for buying flowering whatnots! How perfect is that world?

Depending on how you access this revolution to our traditional telephone directory for businesses, the cost can span from absolutely ZERO to a few cents per access. Sprint and Nextel are up to $1.99 per 411 call. I just learned that lil' tidbit today. If Sprint/Nextel has raised the stakes, then Verizon and the crowd is either on board or right behind them.

No more $1 or $2 fees to find who or what you're looking for. Not only that but the service works on any telephone you dial it from. It doesn't matter if its a cell phone or a land line! How's that for putting a dent in the communication market's hit on your pocketbook?

The charge? Normal calling minute fees for the provider and plan that you are on. Oh yeah, its an 800 number so if you are on a land line ... the call is free! FREE INFORMATION with direct connect!

Wondering who of all your information providers could have gone to such wild and unheard of lengths to assist YOU in a less expensive mode of conducting business transactions? Who, drives the information of the entire world?

GOOGLE ... who else? For Minimal to free directory assistance for anything from ordering a pizza to finding a supplier's direct line. Google drives the world! To access your FREE 411 DIRECTORY...

Dial (800) GOOG 411 or (800) 466-4411.

Goggle will someday control corporate America's profits. Isn't that a refreshing thought after a long a grueling work week? AdSense costs THEM money - not poor lil' ole you.

God bless Google and the horse they rode in on. May they make green a whole new color in the common person's rainbow with the bill footed by those whose success is at our expense.

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Justin said...

I've tried the Google service but prefer a different FREE service that is done by real people and not machines.

I use 1-800-411-SAVE which is a free way to make a 411 call and the entire call is handled by a live person, no machines to hassle with.