Monday, May 26, 2008

Justly Accused

I know, it is time to confess my guilt. I have danced away from the label for many years, always shying away from the truth. Yet, as co-dependencies go, at least mine is not unhealthy nor unsightly.

Can I help it if I suffer from pot addiction? If there was enough ground, I would have no use for the pots! Alright, I might need just a few for the porch ... and the deck ... and the patio. I practice restraint whenever it is possible. I can stop whenever I feel like it.

Is it really my fault that ornamental plants just seem to be attracted to me? If they didn't have so much to say, I could easily turn a deaf ear to each and every one of them. Surely I could ignore them all without all the incessant communication.

I beg to differ with this term of addiction! If they weren't natural I might understand, but they just sprout out of the soil and suddenly it is true love. I swear they follow me home on their own accord and force me to take care of them. At least no one can accuse me aggravated foliage abuse or petal abandonment!

Surely, with all the new beautiful introductions each spring one can fully comprehend the need to collect every one that comes in just the right color. Tell them to stop creating new ones and I will be able to quit cold turkey (just as soon as I make sure I have all the perfect colored ones that exist somewhere on Earth).

The Guilty Gardener


Barbee' said...

Well, here I am at the very bottom, which is the beginning. Couldn't help myself. The last two posts were delightful writing. Thank you :)

Phillip said...

Just discovered your blog and I love it!

G.G. said...

Hey Phillip,
Welcome aboard the Guilty Gardener Train. All arrivals at the Lost In The Flowers Depot are to pop in for a visit whenever its convenient for their schedule. Some days the tone around here is a bit mad cap, if you arrive a day or tow later the tone could be a bit more serious or thought provoking. Either way, you are guaranteed to come away with an experience whether it be sarcasm, hilarity or profound.

Nice to see you, come back again for a visit real soon.