Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coneflower Craze

Beware of the Invasion of Alien Echinacea! Whatever happened to the quiet comfort of cheerful and expected white and mauve wafting about in the mid-summer breeze? Is there an end to this flurry of fresh new faces? Most likely not until they run out of crosses to try out.

I for one never expected so many new and exciting things happening to calm, sedate meadow flowers. Yet there they are parading about in colors that echo the Summer Sky. Can we live without getting at least one of each to gaze upon? I venture that it will be hard for all those who just do not like Coneflowers. Really that is okay, there will be a few more available if you want two of that cultivar in your garden.

Purple, White, Red, Pink, Orange, Magenta, Yellow and combinations of these should be planted in waves along with Daisy and Black Eyed Susan where your lawn used to be. Gas is far too expensive to be mowing a boring expanse of grass! Take it out and plant a meadow that will change every few weeks. It is more earth friendly and will also save some cost on your water bill.

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