Thursday, July 10, 2008

Safe Insect Control

Interesting! Dust for thought ...

After watching this I looked around to see how much this stuff costs. Guess what I found! If you buy it from a garden supply type company you will pay an arm and a leg. If you buy diatomaceos earth from a pool supply store it is far cheaper. Maybe its because they aren't spelling that word correctly. Allied Pool Supply has it at $19.99 for 25 pounds. This is a material used in pool filters that can be used to combat all those bugs that create havoc in your yard, garden and inside the house.

If spell the word the correct way ... as in diatomaceous earth then you get all the competing garden supply merchants where you can pay from $6.50 for a mere 1.5 pounds to $64.90 for 10 pounds. Simply amazing how the same dehydrated algae substance gains all that sticker shock when they want to sell it to gardeners.

By the way, it can also be used as a growing medium in hydroponic growing. It is used in cat litter due to it's ability to absorb moisture. No more holy hostas ... this will do in the slugs in a jiffy!

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